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To be successful, a business owner needs a strong team of professionals who provide quick responses to the various issues that pop up each and every day. Peters Legal Services is the legal member of that professional team. We are often “referred in” to a business owner by a member of their professional team such as the CPA, Banker, Investment Advisor or Benefit Provider.

At Peters Legal Services we are honored to be part of the professional team. We believe that successful professional team members have the following traits

  • Team players
  • Serve the business owner
  • Experts in their field
  • Respond in minutes or hours not days
  • Quickly solve existing problems
  • Anticipate and resolve issues which left unattended would become future problems
  • Charge reasonable rates

How is your professional team?

  • Do they have good chemistry?
  • Are they loyal to your business or does it feel like they are always concocting ways to sell you their products and services?
  • Do they respond quickly to your calls, texts and emails?
  • Do they resolve the problem or have to get back to you?
  • Do they anticipate problems and resolve them or just wait for you to call?
  • Are you comfortable with their fees?

Peters Legal Services focuses on the privately held business owner. Our capabilities include

  • Forming corporations, limited liability companies and other entities that minimize legal risk and maximize tax benefits
  • Complying with Federal and State law by creating and administering corporate or LLC documents such as the Articles, Bylaws, Minutes, Stock certificates or LLC certificates and their ledgers.
  • Available to conduct shareholder and board of director meetings
  • Drafting customized Buy Sell or Shareholder Agreements that address a shareholder’s death, disability or desire to leave the business as well as the business owner’s desire to begin the process of transferring the business (succession planning) to family members or a key employee
  • Drafting and interpreting ongoing contracts and other business agreements
  • Resolving troubled business situations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Winding down businesses
  • Assisting business owners with their estate planning and real estate needs

For more information on how Peters Legal Services can assist you with your specific business issues, call us for a free consultation. Our number is 248-444-9811

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