Real Estate Law

Peters Legal Services understands that there is a close personal attachment between our individual clients and their residential real estate and our business clients and their commercial real estate. That’s why Peters Legal Services treats these relationships with the utmost care and attention.

Residential Real Estate

PLS guides its clients through the purchase and sale of houses, condominiums, vacant land and cottages. Our clients rely on us to negotiate the purchase and sale of property, to communicate with their banks and lenders to obtain mortgage financing and to interact with city, county and state authorities involved in the transfer of real estate.

Commercial Real Estate

PLS navigates its clients through the increasingly complex area of Commercial Real Estate. These types of clients have all benefitted from the instruction provided by Peters Legal Services.

  • Business owners whose business is located on company owned real estate;
  • Investment owners who seek income producing property such as apartments, rental homes, strip centers, medical, office and industrial properties;
  • Doctors and medical practices seeking to lease or buy medical offices;
  • Business owners seeking to lease or buy office space;
  • Manufacturers seeking to buy or lease industrial property.

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