Trust Administration

Even the best estate plans require administration after someone dies. Good planning doesn’t mean nothing needs to be done when someone passes, it just means what needs to be done has been made easier.

As we guide clients during their lives to make and keep good estate plans, we also guide the Trustees in administering and running the Trust after someone dies. Even though we die, our Trusts live on. (That’s why we meet once a year to make sure your plan is up-to-date.)

Being a Trustee is a very serious matter. You are held to a high standard. You will have to make very difficult decisions. You’ll need a law firm that understands the law in this area and can draw from their experience to properly advise you.

Trust Administration and Being a Trustee Involves

  • Gathering, Managing and Consolidating Trust Assets
  • Insuring Trust Assets
  • Collecting What is Due and Paying What is Owed
  • Investing Trust Assets
  • Tax Elections
  • Filing Tax Returns
  • Possibly Opening a Probate Estate
  • Reporting and Accounting to Beneficiaries
  • Distributing to Beneficiaries

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